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Ravenshead C of E Primary School

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Our staff are committed to providing a high-quality education to your child, and constantly improving their learning.  As part of this, communication with parents is very important to us and we always strive to ensure that we communicate well with parents.


How we communicate

Depending on the nature of information or issue being discussed, we typically communicate with parents through the following means:


  • In person (through a face-to-face meeting).
  • Through Class Dojo (sharing the learning and activities of the class via the Class Story or whole school events and communications through the School Story).  To request a login, please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.
  • Individual messages to parents (using Class Dojo).
  • Through See-Saw (an online learning platform for Foundation only).
  • The school website (where the information is relevant to all parents).
  • Letters sent out via Class Dojo.  To request a login, please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.
  • Via email from the Main Reception account (
  • Via email using Evolve Accident Book to inform parents/carers of any First Aid administered to your child at school.


To access Class Dojo, please contact your child's class teacher or the office who will ask for you email address and then arrange for a joining link to be sent to you.  If your email address should change, please ensure that you inform the Main Reception.


In addition, teachers will aim to be available at the entry door for their class during which time any quick messages can be communicated to them.  However, should parents/carers wish to have a longer conversation, it is important that they make an appointment to speak to the teacher or message the teacher directly using the Class Dojo app (a code to use this can be obtained from the school office and please refer to the Class Dojo Usage policy for details about how this should be used appropriately).  It is very important that in the interests of the children in the class, the teacher is able to take the class to the classroom as soon as possible at the start of the school day (8.50am for KS2, 8.55am for FSU and KS1) so that children can begin their learning.


It is not our policy to typically expect staff to communicate with individual parents/carers via email as this becomes time consuming and untenable over time and therefore can be detrimental to the day to day running of the school and prevent staff from working in the best interests of all pupils according to their role.  However, should a parent/carer need to ensure that a message reaches a member of the teaching staff during the day, they should email the main school office to (stating who the email is for the attention of), or alternatively can phone the school on 01623 456516 and leave a message.  We cannot guarantee that a message sent via Class Dojo will be viewed during the teaching day.  Please ensure that your absences are reported directly to the Main Reception either by telephone, email or in person and not via Class Dojo message to your child’s class teacher.


Resolving Concerns


We always aim to work harmoniously with parents/carers in the best interests of their children and to deal with any issues that may arise in a prompt and professional manner.   Most issues can be quickly and easily resolved through effective communication and working in partnership.


Parents/carers have a right to expect the best for their children and they have a right to express their concerns, though at the same time, teachers and pupils must be allowed to work and learn in a safe and secure environment.


If parents/carers do raise a concern, an initial response or acknowledgment should usually be provided to parents/carers within forty-eight working hours.  This will then be followed up in whatever manner is appropriate and agreed (which may include arranging an opportunity to find out more details).


Parents are encouraged to liaise with the class teacher initially, outside teaching hours at a time mutually agreed.  The next step would be to arrange a meeting with the relevant member of the senior leadership team, which can be arranged by calling the school office.  Each Key Stage has a Co-ordinator which parents/carers may contact.  These are:


Miss Sutcliffe – Foundation Stage.

Mrs Eyre – Key Stage 1.

Mrs Sanders – Key Stage 2.


Should parents/carers wish to escalate the matter further, they would speak to the Headteacher, Mrs Emma Johnson, or the Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Sophie Keightley or the Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Sarah Soley.


Acceptable Behaviour and Working in Partnership


We want to foster a community where people are treated with respect and courtesy.  It is important that parents/carers do not approach a child other than their own about a concern.  It is also important that parents do not usually try to address their concerns directly with other parents where those concerns relate to incidents between children that happen in the school.  The school has a Parents/Carers/Childminders Code of Conduct and this available on this website under the Key Information, Policies section.


We are happy to meet with parents to discuss and try to resolve concerns.  However, raised voices, aggression, unnecessarily accusatory language, swearing, or threatening behaviour towards staff, pupils or other parents/carers will result in termination of the meeting/or in removal from the premises.  In serious cases the police may be called.


Similarly, we will not tolerate confrontational or inappropriate behaviour in public spaces around the school (such as the corridor) where this behaviour could potentially be witnessed by pupils.


In the event of raised voices, aggression, swearing or threatening behaviour, parents/carers will be warned in writing that a repeat of the behaviour will result in a ban from the school site.


In the event of a repeat of behaviour, or in serious cases during the first incident, the Headteacher will write to the parent/carer imposing a ban from the school site.  The ban will range in length depending on the seriousness of the behaviour.  Parents/carers will be informed in the banning letter of their right to appeal the ban through writing to the Chair of Governors.

Class Dojo Login Request

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